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Administration in Madhepura

Madhepura constitutes one of the districts in the state of Bihar. The Town of Madhepura is part of Koshi division with administrative headquarter in Madhepura district. The district has two further sub divisions known as Madhepura city and Uda Kishanganj. The district of Madhepura was earlier part of Saharsa district that was carved out to create a spate district. On 9th May, 1981, the district of Madhepura got the stature of revenue district. Primarily, pre independence, the district of Madhepura was part of Bhagalpur district. The district of Madhepura is located on the northern part of the state. In medieval period, the region of Madhepura has seen the rule of various dynasties including Maurya, Sunga, Kanva and Kushan dynasties. Historian mentions that the region was under Gupta dynasty and was part of Mithila. The district of Madhepura was spread over 1,787 square km, and most of the government establishment are located in the city. Since independence, the district has developed its infrastructural growth and has become the focal point of the state.

Collector of Madhepura

Collector of MadhepuraCollector of Madhepura is head of the region, and he is responsible for managing the proper functioning of the region. Other government department and sub ordinate supports the collector to ensure the proper functioning of the city. The main aim of the collector is to maintain the law and order situation in the city with the help of the police department and to maintain the day to day functioning of the city. The fiscal resources of the district are also managed by the collector. The deputy collector assists the collector and takes care of smaller administrative work in blocks and tehsils. Deputy collector directly reports to collector

Gopal Meena
Designation: IAS, Collector, Madhepura
Phone: 06476222741(O)
Phone: 06476222742(R)
Email: dm-madhepura.bihnic.in

Abrar Ahmad Quamar
Designation: BAS, Additional Collector
Phone: 06476222047(O)
Phone: 06476224041(R)
Email: admrevenuemdp@gmail.com

Madhepura Nagar Nigam (Madhepura Municipal Corporation)

The civil and urban infrastructural development in the city is undertaken by Madhepura Municipal Corporation. Madhepura Nagar Nigam ensures the governance in the city. The Nagar Nigam undertakes plethora of activities to ensure the proper functioning of the district. The major work of Nagar Nigam is to ensure the work relating to civil and community welfare. The duties of nagar nigam include maintenance and construction of roads, bridges, buildings and development of under developed sites in the city. The elected representative of every ward is responsible for the development of their respective wards. The Mayor in council heads the corporation and takes the final decision on expenditure.

Role and Responsibility of Nagar Nigam in Madhepura
  • Ensuring proper water supply and water purification
  • Proper management of solid waste and sewage
  • Cleanliness of street and proper garbage disposal
  • Controlling contagious diseases and vaccination
  • Maintenance of parks and roads
  • Ensuring proper health and sanitation facilities for residents
  • Developing the city and ensuring the maintenance of public property
  • Proper distribution of electricity in every corner of the city.

Madhepura Nagar Parishad

Narendra Kumar Singh
Designation: District Programme Officer
Phone: 919431005045
Email: dpo.madhepura@icdsbih.gov.in

Sri Anurag Kumar

Designation: District Minority Welfare Officer
Madhepura Nagar Parishad
Phone: 919576389168
Email: dmwo.mae-bih@nic.in

Sri Lakhindra Paswan
Designation: Executive Officer
Madhepura Nagar Parishad
Phone: 919470488475
Email: nagarparishadmadhepura@gmail.com

In 1845, the district of Madhepura got the stature of subdivision that comprises of seven blocks. After, Saharsa became district, Madhepura became its subdivision. Later Uda-kishunganj Block was upgraded, and it became subdivision of Madhepura district. In year 1994, four new blocks came into existence. The blocks were Gwalpara, Puraini, Bihariganj and Shankarpur. First three blocks were allotted under Uda-kishunganj subdivision, and one block was allotted under Madhepura subdivision. In year 1999, Ghailar and Gamaharia blocks were formed and allotted under Madhepura subdivision.

Police Department in Madhepura

The main aim of the police department in Madhepura district is to take care of law and order in the region. The police forces in the region are well equipped with modern gadgets to avoid any major clashes or tension in the region. Superintendent of police in the region is responsible for keeping vigil over the district. The major decision regarding the law and order in the district are taken by high level police officials. The city has eight dedicated police stations and six subsidiary police stations. The city also has five functional out posts that coordinate with the police department to maintain the law and order situation in the city.

Superintendent of Police
Anand Kumar Singh
Designation: Superintendent of Police, Madhepura
Phone: 06476222743 (R)
Phone: 06476222004(O)
Email: sp-madhepura-bih@nic.in

Other Important Department in Madhepura

Agricultural department
Sri Chandradeo Prasad
District Agriculture Officer
Phone: 9431818758
Email: daomadhepura@gmail.com

DRDA Department
D.R.D.A. Madhepura
Sri Mithilesh Kumar
Phone: 919431818377
Email: ddc-madhepura-bih@nic.in

Excise Department
Excise Superintendent
Sri Keshav kumar Jha
Phone: 919473400638
Email: madhepura-excise@nic.in

Finance Department
National Saving Officer
Sri Ram Lakshan Satyarthi
Phone: 919431883687
Email: dpfomadhepura2@gmail.com

Electricity Department
Executive Engineer
Sri Ramakant Choudhary
Phone: 917763815329
Email: eeemadhepura@gmail.com

Treasury Section
Treasury Officer
Sri Shrawan Kumar
Phone: 919801629899
Email: to_madhepura@biharonline.gov.in

Panchayat Section
Officer Incharge
Khushid Akabar
Phone: 919631629952
Email: khursheidakbar@gmail.com

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