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Economy of Madhepura

Madhepura does not enjoy a high graded economic status. It is considered one of the areas in India which is backward economic zone. As a whole, the district has been recognized as one of the 250 backward districts in India and receives fund from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme. Even though, the city has enjoyed glorious past but it has failed to capitalize the economic push and staggers around very poor economic status. However, off late, efforts have been made to strengthen the economy and revival method are in place to uplift it. The climate of the city assists for the agricultural industry and Madhepura is majorly an agricultural belt. However, it has not reached up to its potential and administration is keen on giving it a much anticipated push.

Agriculture in Madhepura

Rice and Wheat are the major two crops of Madhepura. The production is not sufficient enough for a satisfactory grade, but many schemes and Yojanas have been put into place for better production in subsequent time. 1,36,742 hectors of land is available for cultivation in Madhepura District. 77414 hectors of land is covered with irrigation facility.

Economy in Madhepura
Agriculture in Madhepura

Beej Gram Yojana is one of the most prolific schemes introduced by the administration in order to revive the agriculture. Seeds supply and better productivity are the prime focus of the scheme. Farmers are also been taught about better seeds and productivity as per the scheme.

Krishi Yantrikaran or Agriculture Machinery is another economical push towards agriculture betterment in Madhepura. Use of tractors and other machineries is rapidly replacing the manmade effort for better productivity.

Rashtriya Krishi Yojana and Rashtriya Bikas Yojana are the other two Central schemes that are currently looking after more productivity per hector. New agriculture environment are being promoted and use of fertilizers are also taking into consideration. According to the scheme, Madhepura has the potential to produce a good amount of crops and administration is working towards fulfilling it.

Cultivation of Pulses like Arhaar, Mung have started taking place. Promising productivity for Bazra, Makka are also in the cards for Madhepura.

Industrial Growth in Madhepura

Administration is aggressively working towards industrialization of Madhepura. The geographical area has long been neglected for Industrial development. However, new industries have slowly flourishing across the city according to the abundance. The major industry in Madhepura is Agro Based. According to data available from the Industrial Department, almost 74 units of Agro Industry is available in the entire district. Ready Made Garments Industry has also started making progress and as of now including all sizes 24 units are operational in Madhepura. Wooden Furniture based industry is also another important part of the district and the city. Steel Metal based industries and Repairing and Servicing industries can be termed as most promising in Madhepura. Apart from it industries like, Jute Industry, Paper Industry, Leather Industry, Petro Industry, Mineral and Mines Industry, Electrical Industry, Chemical Industry are showing good amount of progress.

Shree Ranjhans Industries
Address: 2, Main Reoad, Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113, Thakur Prasad College
Contact No.: +(91)-9431657449

Prabhakar Agro Industries
Address: Jaypalpatti, Madhepura, Madhepura Collectorate, Madhepura - 852113
Contact No.: +(91)-9304277837

Administration is working on Udyog Yojana as part of industrialization of Madhepura. The Industry Scheme is promising to promote local industry and also entice the investors in the state. A healthy Industrial growth can be expected in coming times with increasing industry growth. Cluster development programme has also been introduced by the administration in order to boost the economic development of Madhepura.

However, being idle in terms of economic policies, Madhepura might show sluggish growth in coming times. Investors are yet to show any encouraging response towards it. Lack of infrastructural growth, not so good connectivity and less popularity are the major reasons for stunt growth of Economy in Madhepura.

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