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Food in Madhepura

Madhepurain Bihar is known for its delicious and tasty food. The city is famous for preparing some quality and famous dishes in the region. The traditional dishes and the other cuisines are also followed in Madhepura city and the district. Almost every home and restaurant of the city has the delicious and traditional food style. Spice and sweets are considered the basic blocks of Madhepura Cuisine.

Food in Madhepura

Most Popular Dishes in Madhepura

The people of Madhepura are just fond of eating. It has been noted that they love various kind of foods. The sweet is especially very famous in Madhepura. It is not about simple sweets that are available on the shops but also many other which are homemade and delicious. The food style has been more or less in traditional guidelines in Madhepura till now. People love to eat the homemade and typical Bihari Cuisine. Veg and Non-Veg both are equally popular in the region. However, in non-vegetarian, it is fish curry that is most preferred. Apart from it there are many vegetables and “Sabzi” which are the major requirement along with the meal. The people of Madhepura generally eat Rice more than wheat. The food style of Madhepura is a traditional one that is coming from ages.

Maara Sairso ka Jhor

This is perhaps the most favored and popular item in Madhepura. It is the mustard fish curry which is cooked at home. This is generally taken with rice. The taste of the curry is unmatchable and extremely delicious. The fish curry is available in all leading restaurants and hotels across Madhepura. There are many other fish dishes available in the cuisine. The people generally try out many combinations in accordance to the taste and preferences.


Well, this is probably the best sweet dish available across Madhepura. It is very sweet in taste and made with flour. The sweet dish is normally made during any functions or festivals. It is very popular during the time of Holi.


There is no complete discussion on cuisine of Madhepura if Pirkia is not mentioned. This is a significant and integral part of the tradition and culture as well. The sweet dish also used as gifts or presents to others. The Prikias are generally exchanged during the festival times with the neighbors and relatives as a token of love. It is almost like patties, but no laminated. Pirkias are deep fried and can be kept in store for around 20 days and more.

Chaurak Kheer

It is a special type of sweet dish which has got great influence. It is prepared almost in every household on any occasions. This is generally made with Basmati Grains with longer size. The sweet dish will also have additional flavor along with it. It has been noticed that people put Rose Water in it in order to add the flavor.

Makhanak Kheer

This is an exclusive kheer or sweet dish present in Madhepura and adjoining Mithilanchal. It is made up of Lotus Seeds. This is generally made in the open sky. The taste is entirely different from the other Kheers in India. So, if you want to taste the Makhanak Kheer than you have to visit Madhepura. It is considered very good for the newlywed couples as per the tradition.


Khaja is another sweet dish which is immensely popular in Madhepura. It is also like patties put into sugar syrup. However, it is generally laminated. It is one of the most popular sweet dishes available in Madhepura and famous for its unique taste and delicacy.

Other Popular Dishes in Madhepura

There is no less food items in Madhepura to talk about. The region is famous for cuisine and food. People love to eat and cook food. Special items are cooked during the festival time. However, in daily today life, there are some special cuisines like Chur-Laai (Brittle of Chidwa), Taruwa (Pakoda), Kachri, Khichdi, and others. Various other food items like Muli Ke Patte ka Saag, Baigan Aloo, Adauri ke Milauni, Arikonch ke Tarkari, Chura Ka Bhujja, Bhujia, Suzi ka Halwa and more. People of Madhepura take the esteem about their food style and cuisine. It is said that there are three food items available in Madhepura which are not available in heaven. The food items are Fish, Betel Leaves, and Makhanak Kheer.

Fast Foods in Madhepura

The modern fast food has penetrated the traditional food style of Madhepura. The burger noodles fast food culture has entered the Madhepura market. However, if popularity is concerned then it might lose the edge against the traditional fast food items. Samosas, Kachdi are very popular among the people of Madhepura. However, the modern fast food centers have already started mushrooming throughout the city.

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