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Healthcare Services in Madhepura

Madhepura is the most significant city in the Madhepura District. Being the administrative headquarters, the city acts as the primary location for health care services. The city hosts thousands of patients from and outside the city in order to treat them. Despite it is one of the major cities, and an emerging tourist destination in Bihar State, healthcare development has been sluggish. The city suffers high mortality rate especially for the vulnerable citizen like Children and Women. There is dedicated healthcare unit at the city and at the district level. However, nothing significant has been achieved in many years. The city still lacks in modern and equipped hospitals.

Healthcare Services in Madhepura
Healthcare in Madhepura

There are Government hospitals and few private hospitals as well, but are too little to address the concern of the people. For any chronic problem, people need to go to the Capital City of Patna which is 170 Km from Madhepura. The District Health Department of Madhepura has however come up with revised strategy and plan for health care development in recent times. New Hospitals are to be established along with modern facilities. However, the implementation of the plan has not been initiated so far. Madhepura has been included in the National Rural Health Mission or NRHM in order to strengthen and improve the healthcare unit at the city and the district level.

Healthcare Mission of Madhepura

According to the District Healthcare Department of Madhepura, new plans and mission have been drafted. The department aim to provide high class treatment with all modern facilities. The concerns of the city and the district have also been included in the draft. The silent features of the draft are following.
  • Bring down the mortality rate of the children by considerable amount
  • Improvement in the sanitation and hygiene to reduce the chances of disease break out and improve the standard of living
  • Access will be given to proper nutrition and food to everyone
  • Special healthcare services for women and children
  • Strengthening of the Primary Healthcare unit and services to overcome the initial challenge has also been included

Project ASHA

The Project ASHA or Accredited Social Health Activist has been planned at all the levels in Madhepura. The Health Care Department will select persons from all levels and will train them for healthcare services. The person appointed as ASHA will be basically the Community Mobilizer who will be a part of District Health Department. There will be District Head for the ASHA Project who will create the map for other members at the Block and Village level. Dedicated ASHA Helpdesk will also be formed at all the levels in the entire district. The Emergency Services for ASHA will also be available. The entire healthcare project has been initiated and still under first module. Non-Governmental Organizations have also extended their support to successfully implement the services all across Madhepura.

Significant Healthcare Services for Madhepura

The District Healthcare Department of Madhepura has come up with healthcare services plans for the city and the entire district. The introduction of Health Sub Centers was a major achievement to address the issue at the Block and Village level as well. Rogi Kalayan Samiti has been founded to facilitate the patients and improve the Healthcare infrastructure. They will be focused to collect donations for betterment of the healthcare system. New Ambulance services have been set up in Madhepura, and department is hopeful to include more in near future.

Hospitals in Madhepura

Sadar Hospital Campus
Address: District Tb Centre, Madhepura H O, Madhepura – 852113

District TB Center
Address: Sadar Hospital Campus, Madhepura

Government Hospital, Madhepura
Address: Near BL High School, Appx 1.5 Km from Rly Station

Goverment Hospital, Madhepura
Address: Udakishunganj, Madhepura

Madhipura Christian Hospital
Address: Madhipura, Madhepura Collectorate, Madhepura - 852113
Phone: 06476-222040

Ramkrishana Hospital & Medical Research Centre
Address: Nh-107,Cinema Chowk Murli Ganj Madhepura, Murliganj, Madhepura - 852122
Phone: 06476-266103

Private Dispensaries and Doctors in Madhepura

Dr.Gopal Kumar Yadav
Address: By-Pass Road, Jaypalpatti Chowk ,Madhepura-, Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113
Phone: 9431260047

Sharma Medical Center/ Dr Keshav Sharma
Address: Madhepure, Karpuri Chalk, Bihar, Main Road, Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113
Phone: 9534296508

Dr. Bk Chaudhury

Address: District Tb Centre, Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113,
Phone: 06476-224937,


Address:Jagjivan Path Madhepura

Dr.Rajendra gupta
Address: Karpuri Chowk, Station road, Madhepura

Dentists in Madhepura

Saha Dentel House
Address: Rasbihari Road, Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113
Phone: 7870335530

Smile Dental Clinic
Address: Bus Stand, Singheshwar, Madhepura - 852128
Phone: 9304321092

Dr.Pranav pratap Singh
Address: Annapurna complex, p.o road Singhshwar, Singheshwar, Madhepura - 852128
Phone: 09431851300

PNP Dental Health Care Center

Address: Jannapurna Complex, Post Office Road, Singheshwar, Madhepura - 852128
Phone: 9431851300

Homeopathic Medicine Centers in Madhepura

Barnet Homeo Pharmacy
Address: Station Road, Madhepura-852113
Phone: 9431413460

Jerman Homeo Hall
Address: Station Road, Madhepura-852113
Phone: 9431826881

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