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Lifestyle in Madhepura

Madhepura is one of prominent cities of Bihar. The lifestyle and culture of the city has much influence of it. The traditional roots of Madhepura is found in the ages of Mahabharata and Ramayana. The place was home for many monks who put up their Ashram in the peaceful and remote area. The tradition of Madhepura has great influence on Hindu Mythology and Culture. Even though the later influence have polarized the impact on the city but yet prominent evidence can still be found. The city has large influence of Hindu and Islam culture. However, harmony and peace have been the driving force of the lifestyle and society.

Lifestyle in Madhepura

Traditional Lifestyle of Madhepura

Madhepura still practices the traditional lifestyle. The greater impact of it can be seen in the customs, rituals and of course in the costumes. The food habits also have large influence. Customs and rituals of the time are deep rooted to ancient mythology tales and beliefs. Lord Rama has a special place in the city and that's the reason why Ramnavmi is celebrated with lot of excitement in the town.The customary marriage have not been much modernize. However, the modern trends have started penetrating the society off late and slowly and steadily the lifestyle is upgrading to the newer version of Indian Lifestyle. Costumes have great impact of the traditional lifestyle. The costumes for women are generally traditional and cultural. Women are mostly found in sarees and rarely wear modern dresses. However, the young generation have started going with the flow and modern costumes have started to flunk in the lifestyle. Ornaments have a large role in the dressing of a woman. It is still considered that a true beauty comes up with more ornaments especially of Gold. As far as the men costumes are concerned, the progress have been more prominent but not as much as other parts of the country. The traditional dress of Dhoti and Kurta is still very popular. The elder generation still like to wear the traditional dress. The young generation have greater influence of the modern dress.

Influence of the Western Lifestyle

Impact of Western culture can be seen in Madhepura. The change is visible in costumes like T-Shirts, Jeans, Skirts, Minis etc becoming more popular with time especially among the younth of the day. The impact on the customs can also be seen. The introduction DJ and other similar stuffs can be seen in the marriages now which indicted the modern culture interfere with the traditional one. Fast Food is perhaps the most interesting and significant western influence that have come upon Madhepura. Overall, the city is slowly catching up with the rest of the country and rapidly accepting the modern cultural influence along with keeping the integrity of the traditional Indian Culture.

Glamour and Beauty in Madhepura

This is an integral part of the every society and Madhepura is not much a different story. For both men and women facilities like Beauty parlors and Saloons are available in the city. However, women tend to use traditional way for glamor and beauty in Madhepura. The apply of Multani Mitti, Mehendi and others have good popularity in Madhepura.

List of Beauty Parlors in Madhepura

Lucky Beauty Parler
Address: Shukhasan, Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113, Degree College
Phone: 7301582586

Rinky Beauty Parler
Address: Shukhasan, Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113, Degree College
Phone: 9430025506

Muskan Beautiful Parlour
Address: Rasbihari Road, Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113
Phone: 9334227349

Touch & Glow Ladies beauty parlour

Address: sai plaza , near uco bank , Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113
Phone: 7631651049

Gents Saloon in Madhepura

Bikash Saloon
Address: Madhepure, Subhash Chawl, Bihar, Main Road, Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113
Phone: 9534914414

Ganesh Saloon
Address: Madhepura H O, Madhepura, Bihar, West Bypass Road, Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113
Phone: 8298767313

Gajni Hair Cutting Saloon
Address: Madhepura H O, Madhepura, Bihar, West Bypass Road, Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113
Phone: 8678882393

Babul Saloon
Address: Madhepura H O, Madhepura, Bihar, Station Road, Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113
Phone: 9534559371

Ever Green Gents Parlour
Address: Madhepure, Karpuri Chalk, Bihar, Main Road, Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113
Phone: 8292003836

Fast Food Culture in Madhepura

Fast Food is probably the most popular food items in Madhepura. The increasing number fast food centers at every corner of the city is clearly indicating the mood swing of the people. Burger, Patties, Pizza and all other Fast Foods have become an integral part of the Madhepura lifestyle. Even though the large fast food centers are hard to come by in the city, but small and medium centers are mushrooming. Other than that the Indian Fast Food are also very popular in Madhepura. Samosha, Jalebi, Amriti and Snacks are immensely popular among the local people.The local snacks like Kachori is also very popular.

List of Fast Food Centers in Madhepura

Kanihya Hotel
Address: Station Road, Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113
Phone: 9709940951

Chandani Hotel
Address: Main Road Murligang, Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113
Phone: 9162899122

Madhur Restaurant
Address: Main Road, Madhepura H O, Madhepura - 852113, Main Road
Phone: 8051947204

Fitness Centers in Madhepura

Even though the people are very much aware and conscious about health but modern fitness center is a rare scene in the city. Traditional fitness exercises like Akhada, Yoga and normal Physical Exercise are very common. The people are health conscious and mostly work majority part of the day. There is no such prominent Gyms in Madhepura. However, it would be unfair to say that the city does not have Gym at all. New fitness facility centers have started showing their presence but the impact has not been significant on the lifestyle. However, it has not impacted the fitness of the local people though, they try to keep themselves fit enough for the daily life.

Entertainment in Madhepura

Entertainmentis some thing very popular in Madhepura. People are very enthusiastic about movies and music. The prominent language of the area is Maithali and music of this language can widely be found. Movies are also very popular in Madhepura. Both Bhojpuri and Hindi Cinema have their presence and people enjoy going to the movies in the theaters. The presence of Opera and Theaters can still be found in Madhepura. People are enthusiastic about digital entertainment and Television along with others serve the purpose for them. The celebrities are also a big inspiration for them and it has an impact of the lifestyle.

Sports in Madhepura

Even though there is a craze for Sports in Madhepura, but due to lack of infrastructure quality, the city has not been able to progress much. People especially teenagers are enthusiastic about sports and play in the open grounds. Being a rural area,there are many open spaces available in the city. Cricket is the most popular game in Madhepura. However, games like Football, Khoko, Kabaddi are also played by the youth. Indoor games like Carom are also very popular.

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